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Hungry Sea Lite now available at Google play


Busy Bugs Lite now
available at Google play

Update (January 13, 2012)


Hungry Sea version 1.1 released (December 22, 2011)


Hungry Sea version 1.00 released (December 16, 2011)


Start as a minnow in a vast and hungry sea. Catch and eat fish smaller than you while avoiding the bigger ones. Grow in size, unlock new levels and playable fish, and ultimately become the biggest fish of them all!


Select one of the nine playable fish (each with eight selectable skins), guide it using either touch or the G-Sensor, and eat your way thru Hungry Sea's ten unique environments.


Hungry Sea teems with ravenous aquatic life after the nutrients in your puny minnow body. Only your skill protects you from their teeth while giving you a chance to prey on the smaller fish so you can grow.


Beware of the dazzling sea and keep your fish-eye on the horizon – for there are no safe waters in the Hungry Sea!